Helping a leading Financial Services Company deliver new solutions faster to the Market

The Challenge 

Amihan is working with a leading fintech company to bring digital financial services to their expanding consumer base and enterprise partners. On a mission to lead digital transformation for Filipino consumers and businesses, our client is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that accelerate service delivery while enhancing financial inclusivity.

Recognizing the importance of agility and the role of the right partner in delivering these new services, they sought a strategic collaboration with Amihan to help them navigate through this journey.

Our Work 

Amihan provided the capabilities to enable our client to hasten the delivery of key financial services. This support played a pivotal role in enhancing our client’s agility to deliver high-quality software, enabling them to swiftly bring innovative solutions to the market and meet the evolving needs of their customers.

Amihan provided consulting and engineering expertise in enhancing the client’s software development cycle. This involved deep collaboration with the client's engineering and product teams. Both teams tapped into each other's knowledge and combined their expertise to create a robust approach to software development. Some key solutions developed include:

  • Integrations with the fund transfer services InstaPay and PESONet allow our clients’ consumers to transfer funds between digitally-enabled banks and other fintechs. 
  • MSME Accounts and Deposits that integrate omnichannel payment solutions and other digital banking services provided by the client ensure a scalable runway for enterprise partners to thrive

The Results 

The project accelerated the company’s transformation into a future-forward and responsive financial services provider for consumers and businesses. This is in line with our client’s desire to promote financial inclusion and spur sustainable growth.

Amihan is also helping the partner in their participation in the Philippine Open Finance Pilot. This will allow our client to leverage permissioned-access customer information and work with other TPPs to develop bespoke financial products and services for customers.

Our clients’ consumers now have expanded access to other digital banking and financial services, making it easier and more convenient for their daily needs. Businesses partnered with our client can now take advantage of high-interest business deposit rates and other credit options to accelerate their growth.